10+ Beneficial IPhone Holders For Bikes

10+ Beneficial IPhone Holders For Bikes

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Biking and using phones are no longer separate things. It is for that reason people search for the beneficial iPhone holders for bikes. These holders are strong enough to hold the iPhone in place. They also have stability so that you can use your phone while pedaling.

You should never ride a bike without securing your phone–if you intend to use the latter while on the move. After all, smartphones such as iPhones already cost more than $1,000 apiece. Hence, you wouldn’t want to see even a scratch or dent on them.

Investing in a phone and bike stand is as essential as buying reliable phone cases. Here, we have listed our top picks for these iPhone holders and mounts that you can use on your two-wheeled vehicle.



Benefits Of Using Phone Holders For Bikes

Using phones while riding motorcycles and bikes has some issues. The danger comes from focusing on the device while on the road. Another hazard is when you are holding your phone during your ride.

Because of these problems, phone holders were invented. These accessories are not meant as an excuse so that you can use your smartphones while driving. Instead, they are there to guarantee that you will be able to utilize your devices safely whenever you need to.

Here are some of the specific benefits of bike phone holders and why investing in one is a good idea.

Efficient Navigation

Smartphones are already used as navigation tools. Hence, it is not surprising that even cyclists depend on them when treading unfamiliar paths or terrains. But then again, it is difficult to use your phone’s navigation software and applications if both of your hands are focused on the handles.

Hence, it is ideal that you get these phone holders. They can provide you with hands-free control of your device, allowing you to use it as a navigational tool without the need to hold it.


Of course, the biggest benefit of these phone holders is securing your phone in place. If you are planning to use your phone actively while riding your bike, giving it a secure platform is a must. Here, you would need to guarantee that they won’t fall to the ground. At the same time, you want them to be shielded against the elements.

Phone holders are there to do those jobs efficiently. For example, a high-quality bike phone holder enables your children to keep their phones near them while they are having fun. And even if they get a little bit excited, these phone holders would ensure that their smartphones won’t get obliterated.

Of course, it’s not the young ones that require the service of these phone holders. Cyclists of every age and size would eventually need these rugged accessories to keep their devices secure throughout their trip.


With a phone holder on your bike, you would no longer need to stop from time to time to use your phone. These items allow you to make phone calls or listen to your favorite music without missing a beat. Aside from the security they provide, these phone holders also maximize the convenience you feel on your rides.

A Guide In Choosing The beneficial iPhone Holders For Bikes

We always believe that not all phone holders are the same. Evidently, some are better when it comes to protectiveness and durability. Others offer more securing mounting mechanisms than their counterparts.

If you want to get the most suitable phone holders for your bike or motorcycle, the following guide can help you.


Many people ignore this fact, but not all phone holders can hold all types of smartphones out there. Hence, it is essential that the holder you get can accommodate the size and shape of your device. Otherwise, buying it would be pretty much useless.

Of course, it is your responsibility to know the make or model of your phone. This information helps you identify which phone holder can perfectly fit your phone. Most phone holders have labels indicating what phone models they support.


Always choose a durable phone holder to keep your device safe. A low-quality phone holder will ruin your expensive device. The better phone holders are made of high-quality materials, which gives you a better grip and protects your phone.

The durability of the phone holders is meant for the protection of your phone. The tougher it is, the more survivable it is against drops and falls. And that means that your phone is protected, too.

Grip Tightness

Buyers are also recommended to go for phone holders that can grip phones as tightly as possible. In this way, you can ensure that your phone won’t fall while you are riding.

Some phone holders have numerous contact points where they lock smartphones in place. Some have wraps for additional security. Others are using the traditional four-corner grip style to secure the devices they hold.

Always inspect this feature whenever you are shopping for a phone holder for your bikes. In this way, you can ensure that your smartphone is always safe.

Mounting Mechanism

Furthermore, you should also assess the locking mechanism of the phone holder on your bike. Specifically, you need to make sure that the holder can be installed securely to the handle or frame of your ride.

The majority of these phone holders are using clamps as their mounting platform. They feature tool-free installation, as you only need to clamp them properly. Some of them have additional locks to guarantee that they won’t undo themselves, especially when traversing bumpy roads.

beneficial iPhone Holders For Bikes

Indeed, phone holders made a big impact on the safety of our phones while we travel. Thus, we listed our top picks for the finest iPhone holders and stands for bicycles to help you choose. Check them out now!

  1. TEUMI Anti-Shake Bike Mount

One of the top-rated phone mounts for bikes in Canada is the TEUMI Anti-Shake Bike Mount. This one features four wear-resistant silicone claws and a non-slip PUD pad. They are the ones that keep your phone from falling while you are riding. At the same time, they ensure that the surface and corners of your device remain scratch-free. Aside from its solid hold, this bike mount can clutch tightly on handlebars. Once attached, it won’t wobble or shake, even on bumpy terrains.

Furthermore, the TEUMI Anti-Shake Bike Mount has a fully rotating function. You can adjust its position and orientation to suit your desired viewing angle. You can also tilt it for more comfortable use over your devices. It also offers universal compatibility; it doesn’t just hold iPhones; it can also accommodate different Android phones, navigation devices, and small tablets.

  1. Elvana ONE-Click Bike Phone Mount

The Elvana ONE-Click Bike Phone Mount is an ergonomic accessory for bicycles and motorcycles. It offers a convenient installation; within 15 seconds, you will be able to attach this item to the handlebar of your ride. It doesn’t require tools on installation, so even a child can mount this with ease. Meanwhile, this item has a convenient means of locking your phone. You simply have to place your device in the frame and press it so that it can hit the central button of the mount. Once pressed, the button will lock your phone tightly.

If you need to remove your phone from the mount, simply squeeze its sides. The phone holders would pop out your device safely and quickly. By the way, these holders are made from durable plastic. It has inner portions that are covered with silicone to provide cushioning to your phone. The holders are also multi-layered so that they can absorb more shock and diffuse them away from your phone.

  1. Lamicall Motorcycle & Bike Phone Handlebar Mount BM02

Get your phone protected with beneficial Seller Motorcycle Phone Mount BM02. This product from Lamicall features solid construction and a sleek appearance to fit the needs of modern cyclists. The phone clip with triaxial linkage arm grips each corner of your phone tightly. Its silicone pads ensure that your phone is safe from vibrations and scratches. Quick install and easy to remove.

Meanwhile, its solid handlebar clamp ensures the safety of your cell phone attached to the bike handlebar even on a bumpy road. Easy to adjust the cellphone to horizontal or vertical screen. It is convenient to answer the phone, play music, GPS positioning during the riding. Many people who have used this handlebar mound said that it has superb durability, ensuring that your smartphone remains protected. At the same time, the 360 rotating design lets you adjust your phone to get the beneficial view angel while cycling. Compatibility-wise, it works for various Apple and Android devices (4.7- 6.8 inches Cellphone).

beneficial iPhone Mount For Mountain Bike

Your mountain bike is rugged and designed to conquer tough terrains and unfavorable environments. Hence, it is just proper that the accessories you install on it have the same durability and sturdiness. This applies with phone holders.

  1. SinceTop Mountain Bike Phone Mount

The quality of this phone holder for bikes is definitely astounding. It features durable construction, as its base is made from rugged aluminum alloy. It is not susceptible to dents and is capable of supporting heavy loads. Interestingly, its built-in ultra-lock system provides additional security to your phones. You can guarantee that this holder would prevent your phone from falling on rough rides.

It has a convenient installation, as well, which is one of the things that I enjoy about this phone mount. You can attach it to the handlebar or frame of your mountain bike with ease. Even one-hand installation is possible. Moreover, it also provides the ideal viewing angle to your phone, thanks to its rotating function. Of course, that would allow you to utilize your smartphone better. You will be able to take calls, listen to music, or access other matters with convenience.

  1. Tiakia Bike Phone Mount

The Tiakia Bike Phone Mount is an ergonomic phone holder for bikes and motorcycles. One of its key features is its non-obtrusive design. While it appears bulky, it doesn’t get in the way of the screen of your mobile phone. Because of this design, you will be able to answer calls, navigate, and play music conveniently. Moreover, this phone holder assures a zero percent drop rate, which is not surprising given that it boasts a secure way of locking your devices in place.

Specifically, this phone holder has a fixing screw on its back. It is the one that secures your phone firmly to the platform. Alternatively, you are also free to use its silicone frame as a means of double fixation to keep your devices from falling. By the way, this smartphone holder for mountain bikes is suitable for handlebars with a diameter of 22 to 33 mm. Hence, it is compatible with almost all bike and motorcycle models out there.


  1. Lamicall 2021 Motorcycle & Bike Phone Holder Mount BP05

Another high-quality bike phone holder that you can entrust your iPhones with is the BP05 of Lamicall. It has all the features that the BM02 has, silicone pads protection, and phone clip with triaxial linkage, 360 rotation. It is worth mentioning that its upgrade handlebar clamp makes installation faster than BM02, help hold your phone even more stable during riding. Easy to install and remove with one hand.

Moreover, this phone holder has the same reliable locking mechanism as BM02. It remains in place to grip phones as tightly as possible. You are also free to adjust its orientation so that you will be able to use your phone the way you want it. Compatible Devices: 4.7″- 6.8″ Cell Phone.

The Lamicall Tablet Pillow Holder PL03 is a desirable accessory for your iPads and tablets. This particular item is made from high-quality materials; it doesn’t get deformed even if you press it or allow it to hold heavy objects. Despite having a fixed structure, this pillow holder still provides three levels of angle adjustments. In this way, you can get the most suitable viewing for your tasks.

This tablet rest pillow holder for bed with wider and deeper slots designed, help you hold your tablet with a thick case on. Perfect for playing games, watching videos, viewing photos, reading or typing in the bed, desk or sofa when using this tablet pillow stand.

The back of the tablet support pillow is designed with a big storage bag, which can help you conveniently place your cellphone, charging cable and power bank, stylus etc. Don’t worry about not finding your apple pencil anymore.

beneficial Road Bike iPhone Mount

Road bikes and iPhones do go hand-in-hand. But at the same time, you should keep in mind that you need reliable phone holders that can keep your precious devices safe throughout your entire journeys. The following mounts for road bikes can give you the ideal security to your iPhone while you are riding.

  1. Bone Bike Tie Pro 4

The Bone Bike Tie Pro 4 is a great utility for road bikes. It ensures the utmost security to your iPhones and other mobile devices, thanks to its simple but reliable locking setup. This one features a broad, non-slip base that serves as the stable platform for your phones. It has a flat texture, as well, to ensure that it won’t cause scratches on your devices. Furthermore, since the base is made from silicone, it can easily absorb bumps and shocks. It is a design that negates potential damages to your beloved iPhone.

The quality of the Bone Bike Tie Pro 4 is ideal for touring cyclists and road bike racers. It offers superior stability so that you will never have to worry about your phone’s placement. By the way, this phone holder uses rugged silicone bands as its holders. Don’t ever think that they are flimsy, even if they are flexible. They can withstand wear and tear and accommodate numerous smartphone sizes and models.

  1. TruActive Premium Bike Phone Mount Holder

The TruActive Premium Bike Phone Mount Holder offers exceptional stability. Unlike other phone mount holders, this one doesn’t rattle or shake while you are on your journey. It also features a unique, custom-fitting so that it can be placed in differently sized handlebars. Moreover, there’s an intuitive security grip that ensures that its mounting system wraps tightly to your bike. And with its non-slip, anti-vibration padding, you can guarantee that your phone won’t move even while you are on the move.

Since this phone holder has a universal fit, this accessory can hold almost all smartphone models. Whether you have an iPhone or Android phone, you can have the peace of mind that it can fit on this phone holder nicely. It comes with two secure clamps on both sides to further optimize its clutch over your devices. And if that’s not enough, you’ll be happy that it has four straps on its edges to keep your phone in place.

  1. Lamicall 2022 Upgrade Motorcycle Phone Mount & Bike Phone Holder BP03

Compared to the BM02, this bike phone holder has an upgraded phone clip with biaxial linkage arm, grips your smartphone more tightly on its corners, effectively removing the possibility of slippages. It also comes with silicone pads on its construction that prevent your phone from sustaining scratches and dents. At the same time, it is ultra-stable, giving you extra convenience in using your phone.

Furthermore, it’s upgrade secure lock help you lock the phone more easily and safely. It guarantees that your device stays in place while treading on difficult paths and terrains. Compatible Devices: 4.7″- 6.8″ Cell Phone.

beneficial iPhone Handlebar Mount

You might also want to check out these iPhone handlebars that you can install in bikes, motorcycles, and other similar vehicles. We picked the ones that will further benefit you in terms of stability, safety, and compatibility.

  1. Roam Handlebar Bike Phone Mount

The universal design of the Roam Handlebar Bike Phone Mount made it one of the top choices for secure phone holders. It is compatible with navigational devices and smartphones up to 3.5 inches wide. Furthermore, it can also fit on handlebars ranging from 7/8 inches to 1 1/4 inches in diameter. However, this one doesn’t support sports bikes that have clip-on types of handlebars. Once fitted, this phone mount enables you to secure your phone while you are riding.

This accessory has two points of contact for your phone: a silicone net and a premium-grade plastic grip. Its plastic grip is tight but smooth; it doesn’t cause scratches to the devices it holds. Meanwhile, its rugged silicone net also flaunts a durable construction. It doesn’t break or crack regardless of the external conditions. Its mount is also reliable. It sticks in place and doesn’t wobble even on bumpy roads.

  1. TEUMI Detachable Bike Phone Mount

One of the interesting choices for an iPhone mount for handlebars is this item from TEUMI. As its name suggests, this device features a detachable platform, which makes its usage extra convenient. You see, this mount enables you to remove your phone from the handlebar without removing its phone holders. You don’t need to disassemble things anymore because of this intuitive feature.

Simultaneously, this bike phone mount features a 360-degree rotation. This function enables you to change the display and position of your phone to your own liking. You can get the beneficial viewing angle for your device, ensuring that your preferences are met. You can check maps and mileage on your bike with ease! Meanwhile, the premium elastic silicone construction of its phone holders guarantees the overall safety of your mobile devices throughout your cycling trip.

  1. Lamicall 2022 Quick Install Motorcycle & Bike Phone Mount BP07

The newest bike phone mount BP07 of lamicall has the same upgrade phone clamp and security lock as BP03, it has a rugged construction, as it is crafted from premium silicone. It’s unique with its upgraded handlebar clip, just press button on the handlebar clip to quickly adjust the clip to fit the handlebar. No rubber sheets or tools are needed. Quick installation and also quick release.

This phone holder for bike also features a 360-degree rotation, you can change the view angle as what you like during riding. You’ll also be surprised that this cell phone holder for bikes is tough and long-lasting. Compatible Devices: 4.7″- 6.8″ Cell Phone.

beneficial iPhone 11 Bike Mount

The iPhone 11 is an iconic release of Apple, considering that it serves as the middle line between the latest iPhone 13 phones and previous predecessors. While it is true that this phone is designed to be rugged, it is still not impervious to damages. If you have an iPhone 11, you ought to have any of the following bike mounts.

  1. Gupacido Phone Holder

If you want maximum protection for your iPhone 11, then you should check out the Gupacido Phone Holder. This one offers shockproof protection, thanks to its solid construction. It comes with three EVA pads that serve as additional bumpers so that slim phones won’t be damaged by sudden and violent movements.

They can effectively protect the circuitry of your mobile device since they can negate vibrations effectively. Because of these components, nobody can just question the overall protectiveness of this phone holder. Furthermore, this bike phone holder features mechanical unlocking and automatic locking functions. They simplify the process of placing and removing your phone from the holder.

Impressively, it supports one-hand operation so that you can access your phone as conveniently as possible. With its 360 degrees rotation, this phone holder ensures that you can view your device at the most ergonomic viewing angle. It doesn’t block your phone’s screen, either, which means that it lets you use the buttons and Face ID recognition.

  1. ILM Bike Phone Mount

With its universal fit, the ILM Motorcycle Phone Mount will have no problems fitting your iPhone 11 and other Apple phones. At the same time, this accessory allows full-screen access to your phone, thanks to its open design. Taking calls, texting, or using navigation apps would be easy while you are on your bike.

Meanwhile, its handlebar compatibility is pretty extensive; it can be outfitted to handlebars sizing from 3/4 inches to 1 3/4 inches in diameter. Because of this, you can easily attach this mount to mountain bikes, e-bikes, scooters, and motorcycles.

The construction of this phone mount is pretty decent, too. The entire structure is made from aluminum, which is both lightweight and durable at the same time. You can also utilize its 360-degree rotating function for positioning your phone and having the beneficial viewing angle. By the way, it comes with a quick disconnect function that enables hassle-free removal of your electronic devices.

beneficial Cycling iPhone Mount

Cycling is considerably more stable than off-road biking, right? Hence, many people assume that they no longer need a reliable phone mount for this particular application. Well, that’s completely wrong. If you are going to use your phone while you are pedaling, then you need to invest in these cycling mounts.

  1. ROCKBROS Frame Bag With Phone Holder

This one is an interesting take for phone holders for bikes. Instead of applying the conventional design of mounting the holder in handlebars, this unit is directly installed in the front frame instead. Because of this setup, bikers have more accessibility to their smartphones and navigational devices. The phone holder is placed on top of the bag.

Phones are stored in a case with a highly sensitive TPU film window so that you can still use them while riding. Since the phone is enclosed, dust and elements won’t harm it. There are other interesting features that are present in this bike accessory. For instance, its phone mount has an earphone hole that lets you listen to music or answer calls while cycling.

Moreover, this item includes reflective tapes on both sides so that you can ride safely at night. Meanwhile, the entire bag has a durable construction. It also enables you to store different small amenities, such as repair kits, wallets, and keys.

  1. HUANLANG Bike Phone Mount Bag

Another option that you can check out is this portable phone bag from HUANLANG. It features a similar setup to the previous phone mount that we featured here. It comes with a TPU screen that protects your phone from unwanted damage. But at the same time, this screen operates with high sensitivity so that you can still utilize the overall functionality of your phone.

However, keep in mind that it prevents the Touch ID feature of your device. But that’s just a minor issue as compared to the provisions of this accessory. One of its striking capabilities is waterproofing. Hence, if it rains while you are cycling, you can guarantee that your phone is safe and sound.

The bag itself is made from EVA material that offers decent defense against the elements. Meanwhile, its double zipper design ensures that no water or moisture can flow inside your phone. Since it is a bag to its core, you can store different small accessories on it, such as keys, chargers, and wallets.

beneficial Road Bike iPhone Holder

Road bikes are fun to ride. They easily give you the thrill of adventure. However, keep in mind that the fun disappears if your phone gets damaged throughout the journey. Hence, it is essential that your iPhones and other mobile devices are protected for the entire duration of the trip. The following road bike phone holders can give you peace of mind!

  1. VICSEED Bike Phone Mount

As a military-grade bike phone mount, it is not surprising that the VICSEED is a preferred choice for many off-road bikers. It has a durable construction and shockproof performance so that you can take it anywhere you want.

This phone holder comes with large corner holders that completely wrap your phone. They enclose your phone tightly so that it won’t drop even if you are treading in the most unfavorable terrains. It doesn’t shake or wobble, too, making it one of the most stable phone mounts for bikes.

There’s also an ultra-sturdy ball joint on this mount that enables you to flip or switch its orientation. It can support heavy phones without bending. Noticeably, the VICSEED Bike Phone Mount also comes with an extra-large handlebar clamp. It has a hassle-free installation, as well, thanks to its impeccable locking mechanism.

  1. TEUMI Bicycle Phone Holder

Surprisingly enough, the TEUMI Bicycle Phone Holder presents itself as a durable phone holder for bikes. It is compatible with different Android and Apple phone models, marking itself as a suitable universal phone holder. Of course, it has a rugged construction, as it is crafted from premium silicone. Aside from its rigidity, it boasts a certain degree of flexibility so that it can negate shock and prevent scratches to your devices.

Since it has an open-face design, it lets you access all the buttons and controls of your phone. There’s no need to detach your phone from the holder so that you can utilize it fully. Similar to all the phone holders here, this unit doesn’t require tools on its installation. It doesn’t involve assembly, as well; you can mount it to your bike right from the box.

beneficial iPhone XR Bike Mount

Do you love your iPhone XR and bike at the same time? If that’s the case, then investing in a reliable bike phone holder is necessary for you. This is the very accessor that can usher protection and stability to your mobile devices while you are speeding on bumpy and rugged trails.

  1. Beemoon Bike Phone Mount

Numerous bike phone holders are designed to hold iPhone XR and other iPhone models. However, the Beemoon Bike Phone Mount is considered to be the most suitable option. It is a highly protective phone holder, as it features rubberized corners to fully fortify your device against damages. These corners also protect your phones from shock and vibration.

Moreover, this phone holder can be pivoted in any direction. It gives you the ideal orientation so that you can use your phone as comfortably as possible. But at the same time, this phone holder can be locked hard in position so that it won’t wobble even if you are treading on bumpy roads. You’ll also enjoy the quick and tool-free installation of this item. You can adjust it to the diameter of your handlebar with ease.

  1. IPOW Universal Cell Phone Bike Mount

Equip your bike with this bike mount, and you’ll never have to worry about your iPhone XR again. This one features two interchangeable silicone bands that protect your mobile devices from damages due to falling. Since it has a universal design, it is not surprising that it doesn’t only accommodate Apple phones but also a myriad of Android devices.

Aside from the silicone bands, there are rubber-lined clamps on both sides. They ensure that your phone doesn’t vibrate or shake while grinding your metal. You’ll also be surprised that this cell phone holder for bikes is tough and long-lasting.

After all, it is made from premium materials that ensure its overall durability even if it is constantly exposed to the elements. Of course, it wouldn’t become a premium pick if it could not be installed in differently sized handlebars. Its mounting mechanism is almost universal and can fit on various types of bikes.

beneficial iPhone Holder For Peloton

This is just a special feature, but bear with us. Many of you have indoor bikes, right? Of course, we can assume that some of you are using a Peloton bike. You see, there are phone mounts that are specifically designed for this “ride.” If you want to secure your phone and other small accessories while on your Peloton, the following phone holder can help you.

Crostice Phone Holder

If you have a Peloton bike in your home, you should invest in a phone holder. In this regard, you might need the service of the Crostice Phone Holder–a dedicated phone accessory for Peloton bikes. With this phone holder, you would be able to have your smartphones and other mobile accessories near you. While you are making yourself fit, the Crostice Phone Holder guarantees that your necessary devices are just near you.

Interestingly, this phone holder doesn’t just provide space for your smartphone; it also has enough room for other small items, such as remote controls, watches, and earphones. Furthermore, this phone holder has just the right dimensions so that it won’t fall from the bike. It doesn’t also hinder the rotation of the bike screen. The Crostice Phone Holder is equipped with a high-quality silicone mat that protects your devices from scratches.


Overall, it is essential to invest in the beneficial iPhone holders for bikes. These accessories ensure that your phone is secured while riding in concrete and off-road paths. If you like to ride your two-wheeled vehicle, then these accessories are worthy acquisitions.

Among all the phone holders and mounts here, the Lamicall Bike Phone Handlebar Mount BM02 is considered to be the most ergonomic and protective. This bike accessory features a rugged setup so that it can hold different smartphones with ease. It also offers a secure locking mechanism that doesn’t move even if the road you tread gets treacherous.

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