9 Beneficial Aluminum Phone Stands

9 Beneficial Aluminum Phone Stands

Today, adjustable phone & tablet stands are already essential amenities in offices and home workstations. Specifically, adjustable specification has become a crucial aspect in choosing ergonomic phone and tablet mounts.

However, it is not the only factor that you should focus on. Durability and stability also hold the same importance. And when it comes to these two departments, the beneficial aluminum stand is the perfect solution. These rugged phone stands offer a number of ergonomic and intuitive features that make them extra convenient to use.

In this post, we have listed a number of high-quality aluminum stands, ranging from universal foldable aluminum stands to fixed ones. Read on to see all your options.

Benefits of Using Phone Stands


These phone stands aren’t just optional accessories. They have been designed to provide their users with a hands-free operation to their mobile devices. After all, there are situations where your hands are too busy doing other errands. For example, you would need a phone holder for bed if you want to watch videos or read books while relaxing.

But it is not the only benefit that these phone stands can provide. The following are the added perks of using them:

Viewing Ergonomics

Having a reliable phone stand can make your viewing experience extra comfortable. Most of these phone stands provide height and angle adjustments. These configurations enable them to utilize the positioning of their devices. Specifically, with the help of a metal stand, you can use the phone horizontally or vertically, or adjust the angle as needed. In short, they let you select the ideal viewing position for the current task or errand that you are doing on your phone.

These adjustments prevent you from bending or hunching your back too much. They relieve neck and shoulder strains from using your phones in an awkward position.


Investing in these phone stands is a good thing, especially if you want to organize your personal space. Phone stands are dedicated platforms for your mobile devices and electronics. They prevent your precious belongings from being lost in the clutter. You can keep their placement intact, which, in turn, ensures that you can find them whenever you need to.

Also, phone stands are capable of cable management. You see, some of these phone stands have hollow arms where you can insert charging wires. They prevent the cables from swirling and entangling. That could cause their internal components to get severed or damaged.


With a phone stand, you can enjoy your work time more. Because you no longer need to focus on reaching and reaching for your tablet computer or your phone. The stand is always within reach, so you can access your device whenever you need to.

Your productivity at work easily improves if you aren’t focused too much on your phone. You can do the more important tasks without worrying about your device.


Of course, one of the biggest benefits of phone stands is protection. You see, your phone and tablet could get dropped accidentally. But with a phone stand, you won’t have to worry about this particular nuisance.

By the way, phone stands lift your electronics from the table surface. Because of this, they are no longer prone to being drenched in water or spills. It also prevents them from being toppled by other objects near you.

How We Picked The beneficial Aluminum Phone Stands


Not all aluminum phone stands are the same. Some of them provide better functionality and ergonomics to their users. The following are the criteria we used to narrow to our selections.

Thickness and Durability

The durability and sturdiness of an aluminum stand can be indicated by its overall thickness. Generally, thicker materials yield more structural integrity. Following this logic, the aluminum stand should never be thin. If it is too thin, then you should go with other options. You can’t settle on flimsy stands; otherwise, your phone won’t have a secure placement at all.

Height and Angle Adjustment

Another aspect that we often look at when choosing these phone stands is their adjustability. Technically speaking, we prefer those that can be adjusted to those that are not. After all, what we are after here is ergonomics.

A phone stand that you can’t adjust the angle or height is pretty much useless. You can’t view your phone in the most desirable position or orientation. It would still force you to position yourself uncomfortably.

Adjustability is a key component for every phone stand. Fortunately, several aluminum phone stands have this feature already. Specifically, they have hinges and rotating ball holders that enable them to give you the most comfortable viewing angle for your applications.

Device Protection

It is also necessary that the phone stand can guarantee the protection of your smartphones and other devices. It should have secure holders that keep devices in place. Simultaneously, the loading capacity of these phone stands should be high. It should be able to accommodate different smartphone models without showing any signs of flimsiness.

At the same time, the phone holder should possess sufficient stability. If it has difficulties balancing itself, you can’t expect that your device is safe there all the time. Its base should be weighted so that it can hold heavier loads. Furthermore, there should be rubberized pads on the base so that they won’t slip on slippery surfaces, causing your phone to be dropped.

beneficial Aluminum Phone Stands


Here’s a rundown of the beneficial aluminum stands today. They feature exceptional durability and stability to ensure that your smartphones remain safe while mounted on them. Needless to say, they are sleek and elegant, fitting to be a part of modern workstations.

  1. Lamicall Foldable Cell Phone Stand DP01

Another fantastic aluminum phone stand from Lamicall is the Foldable Cell Phone Stand DP01. This one has a compact design but is stable enough to hold heavy smartphones and devices. It also has non-slip pads on its base so that it can grip slippery surfaces. By the way, this unit has a reversible base, which ensures its overall versatility. You can use it anywhere and anytime you want.

Since it has a collapsible architecture, it is extra handy to bring this cell phone stand on your vacations, business trips, and other travels. It also has a two-way adjustment, thanks to its specialized hinges. Of course, its durability is truly impeccable. Made from aluminum alloy, the DP01 phone stand guarantees that it can last long in service.

  1. Hi-Tech Wireless Universal Foldable Aluminum Stand FS27

One appealing aspect about the Universal Foldable Aluminum Stand FS27 is its ability to support smartphones and tablets at the same time. Unlike other phone stands, this unit has a larger device cradle, enabling it to hold tabs, Kindles, and game players easily. Furthermore, this phone stand has an adjustable angle, allowing you to rotate up to 270 degrees for convenient viewing. And since it has a foldable design, you can fit it in your pocket and small bags.

Of course, this phone stand has reliable stability. It features a high load-bearing capacity so that it can support burly and heavy devices. It also lowers the center of gravity of your devices to ensure that they would remain stable while being held in place. As a result, they are impervious to accidental falls or slippages. The phone holder also includes rubber protection on its surfaces for anti-scratch protection.

ELV Mobile Stand


The ELV is a manufacturer of different mobile accessories. However, it primarily specializes in the creation of phone stands and mounts. It also has several provisions for aluminum phone stands, such as the ones listed below

  1. ELV Aluminum Adjustable Phone Mount

The ELV Mobile Stand is a premium-grade phone mount that you can use in your office, homes, or other setups. It features a multi-angle rotation; specifically, it can rotate up to 270 degrees so that you can get the perfect viewing angle and enhance your phone usage experience. Of course, it has stylish architecture, too. Its aluminum body is matched by a flawless appearance. Its surface is also smooth, ensuring that your devices are free from scratches.

With its anti-slip pad, your phone remains in its position. It prevents your device from falling or slipping off from its cradle. It also features protective hooks that have high loading capacities. Since it is fully foldable, you can easily slip it inside your pocket or bag. Storage and portability are among their selling points.

By the way, this item has smooth edges, too, to avoid potential damages to your devices.

  1. ELV Desktop Cell Phone Stand

The ELV Desktop Cell Phone Stand is a fantastic mount for smartphones. It flaunts a stylish design, allowing it to fit in any area and application. It can suit modern spaces and workstations with ease. Furthermore, the device comes with the ideal dimensions so that it can be more solid and stable. Interestingly, this phone works with most smartphones, tablets, and eBook readers. It can hold up to 10.1-inch devices steadily.

set of rubber feet on the bottom of its base prevents it from slipping. You can guarantee that it won’t wobble or shake even while you are using your smartphone. It also has a hole on its arm that allows you to manage your cables while charging—no need to deal with entangled wires anymore.

Omoton Cell Phone Stand


The brand Omoton is an international manufacturer of various accessories for laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Fair to say, this company has decent provisions. It also has its own share of high-quality aluminum stands. Check some of them here.

  1. Omoton Adjustable Cell Phone Stand C2

The Omoton Cell Phone Stand is an effective platform that provides users with a convenient means of using their smartphones and devices. Similar to the previous smartphone holder we featured, this one can provide up to 270-degree rotation. In this way, you can have the ideal viewing orientation on your phone, allowing you to watch videos, attend online meetings, or read e-books conveniently.

This item has superb stability, as well. Its manufacturer used 3mm-thick aluminum so that it could hold heavy loads with ease. It also has a bigger size so that it won’t wobble or shake while holding a device. Furthermore, this phone stand is compatible with smartphones clad in heavy cases. You don’t need to take them off while mounted on this stand. Meanwhile, the surface of its cradle has anti-slip capabilities, thanks to its large silicone pads.

  1. Omoton Cell Phone Stand C3

Another impressive option that you can get from Omoton is the C3. This cell phone is significantly bigger than most of its counterparts. Hence, it is capable of holding tablets and other small-sized electronics. Furthermore, it comes with an extendable arm so that it can provide more stability while you are using it. It provides the ideal viewing angle for whatever work you have. By the way, you can flip this stand up to 195 degrees to meet all your viewing requirements.

Of course, its hollow design ensures that it optimizes ventilation and airflow. It prevents your smartphones from overheating, which is truly convenient. Since this item is crafted from reinforced aluminum alloy, there’s a guarantee that it stays firm on any surface. It is not prone to shaking or wobbling.

Satechi Phone Stand


Admittedly, Satechi isn’t the most popular in this bunch. However, this doesn’t mean that the brand doesn’t offer high quality mobile phone accessories. For instance, its aluminum stands are premium in nature. They offer top-notch durability, which is something that we all want for phone stands. The following are some of Satechi’s top phone stands made from high-grade aluminum.

  1. Satechi R1 Aluminum Foldable Phone Stand

The Satechi Phone Stand is a beautifully-made mount for phones, tablets, and notebooks. Its astounding engineering enabled it to haul heavy loads without losing its stability. It has a sturdy design that prevents your devices from tipping over. While it provides a hands-free display over your phone, you will have peace of mind that your devices won’t sustain scratches. This is due to the presence of the rubber pads over its solid aluminum body.

You can also adjust its viewing angle to provide you with a seamless experience in watching videos, taking calls, or reading important documents. You can rotate this phone stand in either landscape, portrait, or flat orientation. The holes on its arms ensure that you can implement efficient cable management while charging your phones. By the way, this phone stands collapse and folds flatly. You can store and carry it as conveniently as possible.

  1. Satechi Aluminum 2-in-1 Magnetic Wireless Charging Stand

This little guy is definitely one of the finest aluminum stands in the market today. This unit efficiently combines the intuitiveness of a dual wireless system and the comfort of a stable, hands-free attachment. Specifically, this item is designed for iPhones and AirPods. The stand comes with a magnetic charger for each of these devices. These wireless chargers also feature the correct wattage so that your device batteries won’t get damaged.

This phone stand is also equipped with a magnetic attachment that includes a MagSafe. Because of this, it provides a secure, hands-free viewing to your devices. Furthermore, the magnet allows you to freely maneuver the angle of your phone for a better viewing experience.



Overall, the quality of aluminum phone stands is definitely way better than other phone stands made from less-durable materials, such as plastics. With these aluminum stands, you can guarantee that your smartphones are safe and protected. They assure stability in their system, thanks to their rugged and semi-weighted construction.

Among all the products we listed here, the Lamicall Adjustable Cell Phone Stand DP01 is considered to be the beneficial aluminum laptop stand. It has a foolproof architecture that features the perfect balance between its durability and adjustability. It has no problems holding heavy and case-enclosed smartphones with ease. Moreover, it has aesthetics that easily fit modern spaces.

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