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Laptop Stands that Make a Difference


Laptop stands help you keep a better posture while working. They also help increase your laptop’s battery life as they offer a better way of heat dissipation. Lamicall’s laptop stands for desks are designed while keeping your unique needs in mind. We offer adjustable laptop desk stands, headphone stands and more.

Lamicall houses a variety of laptop stands. You should use a laptop stand for desk if:


  • You work on your laptop for hours
  • You need to travel with your laptop to different places
  • You suffer from chronic neck and/or back pain
  • You are tired of having to look down on your laptop screen
  • You need to correct your posture
  • You don’t want your laptop to heat up your work surface
  • You want to make sure your laptop doesn’t overheat


Why Do You Need a Laptop Stand?



When you’re working on your laptop, ideally the screen should be just above your eye level. The keyboard should be just below your elbows. Since the screen and keyboard on a laptop don’t have a lot of distance between them, you either have to hunch down to look at the screen or raise your arms awkwardly to reach the keyboard.


This is the reason why you can develop chronic neck and back pain after working on your laptop for hours. Your posture is also affected, leading to pain in your shoulders. However, all of this can be remedied by using a good laptop stand for desk. A laptop stand helps elevate your laptop so that the screen is above your eye level.


But can’t we get the same effect by using books or similar items to elevate laptops? Yes, you can but that would raise the keyboard as well making it difficult for you to type. Laptop stands are slanted so even when your screen is elevated, the keyboard remains below elbow level.


What about external monitors and keyboards, aren’t they as effective as laptop stands? If you’re working on a desk and have a lot of space, then yes, external monitors and keyboards can help you just as much as a good laptop stand. But they require a lot of space and are not portable. They also require accessories like wires or Bluetooth drivers. You need to have a good stock of batteries to run them on the go or you need to work near a power source to plug your external monitors in while you work. Basically, they require a lot more hassle, space, and money to do something that can easily be done by using a good laptop stand for desk.


Things to Consider When Buying a Laptop Stand



A good laptop stand can help you become more productive by reducing stress due to bad posture. You can enjoy working on your laptop for hours without feeling fatigued. However, not all laptop stands are equal. You need to choose one that is of the highest quality and will last you for ages. Here are some of the factors you need to consider when choosing the beneficial laptop stand.




Laptop table stands come in a number of sizes. They come in two standard shapes, square and rectangle. You need to choose the laptop desk stand that is the right size for your laptop/s. This is important because a bigger stand might not be able to hold your laptop in place. It may also become too bulky for your workstation. A smaller desk laptop stand will just not have enough space for your laptop.


While choosing the size also pay attention to the thickness of the stand. A slimmer stand will not only offer a better typing angle but will also look sleeker sitting on your desk.




A laptop stand is only as good as the quality of the materials it is made from. Plastic laptop stands or ones made of other low-quality materials may be cheap in price, but they are fragile and prone to breakage.


Good quality laptop desk stands are made of sturdy materials like aluminum and metal alloys. These laptop table stands are strong and durable. They are also non-corrosive and look polished. They can take the weight of your laptop and they do not bend or break easily.


Choose a laptop stand that is made of good quality material so you only have to make the purchase once and enjoy using it for a very long time.




The design of your laptop stand depends on its use as well as on your personal preference. Vertical laptop stands are great for office use, especially if you do a lot of photo editing or graphic designing on your laptop. These stands help elevate your laptops so you can view them easily without suffering from neck or wrist strain.


Adjustable laptop stands are great for using during presentations as they can be swiveled around easily for everyone to have a look at your laptop. You can also choose an adjustable table laptop stand so that you can customize the height to fit different workstations.

The design of your laptop stand also covers the overall look and feel of your laptop stands. Sleek, polished stands are great for home or work office. Choose the color and finish that matches your laptop as well as the overall decor of your office or home.




One of the many benefits of a laptop stand is that it can be taken along on the go easily. Portable laptop stands are lightweight and sleek so they can fit into your laptop bags and be carried along wherever you go. They are great for putting in some work or catching up on your favorite TV series during a commute. Portable laptop stands are usually thinner than vertical desktop laptop stands. They come with a retractable arm that can be pulled out to add height and pushed back in when you’re done. Choose a portable laptop stand that is easy to carry and isn’t too heavy so you can carry it with you to meetings and more.




Budget is another consideration when buying laptop stands. The price of laptop stands depends on a number of factors including quality, finish, features, and more. Laptop stands made of plastic or other lightweight materials are usually cheaper than those made of metal. However, they are also of low quality and are not likely to last long.


Some laptop stands for couch come with built-in fans to ensure your laptops don’t overheat. These are more expensive and require to be plugged into a power source or your laptop. Vertical laptop stands are more expensive than portable ones. Choose a laptop stand that meets your budget but beware of buying cheap stands from unknown sources.


Why You Should Choose Lamicall Laptop Stands


Lamicall aims to provide you with products that make your life simpler and more efficient. In keeping with that goal, we have developed a number of portable stands that help you manage your gadgets on the go.

More than 8 years of experience in the industry has taught us how to make products that combine highest-quality materials and incredible functionality. Our laptop stands uphold our high standards. Here is what makes our laptop stands better than the competition:


Ergonomic Design



All our laptop stands for desk are made with functionality in mind. Our laptop desk stands ensure your laptop screens are above eye level. This helps reduce stress on your neck and back, improving your posture and making you more productive.


A slantedw laptop stand base helps you get just the right angle for typing so there is less strain on your wrists and arms. This increases your typing speed and keeps wrist pain away. Our vertical laptop stands are great for people who are in the habit of using external keyboards and digital pads. The vertical stands take care of keeping your laptops elevated while you work on your keyboard or digital pad easily.


Our ergonomic laptop stands help you swivel your screen 360 degrees so group assignments can be done more effectively.


Sturdy Construction



At Lamicall, we place the quality of our products above everything else. That is why we use premium quality Aluminum alloys for all our laptop stands. Aluminum is both sturdy and lightweight making sure that our products last for ages.


Our laptop stands can take on the weight of your laptops easily without bending or breaking. Smooth edges protect you from being scratched. They also give a slick effect to your laptop stand and makes it look more professional.


Mesh aluminum base ensures proper heat dissipation so your laptops and notebooks don’t get overheated. The mesh also looks stylish so even when you’re not using the notebook stand, it goes with the decor of your home or work office.


Broad Compatibility


Lamicall ventilated laptop holders are compatible with a wide range of laptops and notebooks. The list includes 12-inch MacBooks, 13-inch MacBook Airs, 13 and 15-inch MacBook Pros, Microsoft Surface, Google Pixelbook, Dell XPS, HP, ASUS, Lenovo, and any other laptop that is up to 17” in length.


Our office laptop stands for desks are compatible with laptops, notebooks and more. You can mount the laptops easily and they are held firmly in place while you work. Our verticle laptop holders are great for placing in your home and office so that anyone can use them no matter what kind of laptop they have.


Stable and Non-Scraping



At Lamicall, we’ve designed our office MacBook stands for desks with rubber pads and stoppers so your laptops are held firmly in place. The rubber pads also elevate the laptop a bit so that its heat is properly dissipated.


The pads prevent any scratches on your laptop’s surface, cushioning its perimeter when you place the laptop on top of the stand. There are rubber pads on the bottom surface of the stand as well to keep the stand in place and keep it from wobbling. These anti-skid pads ensure the laptop stand remains in place while you work.


Stylish and Modern


Your laptop desk stands don’t just need to be functional, they have to look good as well. Otherwise, they will clash with the design of your laptop and your work station. At Lamicall, we’ve designed our laptop stands in keeping with a chic and sophisticated vibe.


Our laptop stands have a nice aluminum silver/gray finish. You can choose between dark gray and light gray color combinations. Lamicall’s laptop support stands have a smooth finish and look incredibly professional. You can easily carry them with you wherever you go and display them proudly during meetings and presentations.


Hassle-Free Buying Experience


At Lamicall, we take the quality of our products seriously. That is the reason why we offer 12 months to a lifetime warranty on our products. You can try our laptop stands for a full year to judge their performance and quality. If you find a flaw, you can return them easily. Our 12-month money back or replacement policy mirrors our commitment to delivering high-quality products.


Our representatives are available 24 hours a day to answer your queries and take care of your concerns. You can also reach out if you have any questions about our products and we’ll be happy to help you out.

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