What Is Lamicall AirBag Cushioning Technology?

Lamicall AirBag Cushioning Technology utilizes a durable and flexible thermoplastic plastic (TPU) that is filled with air and sealed. Upon impact, as when a phone drops and hits the ground, the air inside the airbag compresses. This compression creates an internal pressure that exceeds the external atmospheric pressure. This differential in pressure mitigates the impact of the phone's fall and generates a rebound effect which mitigates the impact of the fall, providing optimal protection against impacts and ensuring maximum safety for your cell phone.

Provide the Highest Impact Protection

Lamicall AirBag cushioning frame is positioned in three segments along the three edges and at the four corner surfaces of the case. This arrangement is akin to enveloping your phone in a protective layer of air bubbles. It ensures comprehensive, multi-angle impact protection, effectively safeguarding your phone from drops.

Lightweight Durability

Lamicall's AirBag cushioning technology strikes a balance between lightness and robust impact protection. This design significantly lightens the case's overall weight without sacrificing its protective capabilities. By not adding excessive weight to the phone, it reduces the strain on the user's hand, making the phone feel lighter and more comfortable to hold and use.

MagSafe Compatible

The MagSafe function adds a level of convenience and ease-of-use to the iPhone. The magnetic attachment ensures accessories are securely attached and aligned, providing a seamless and reliable your experience. Whether it's charging, attaching accessories, or using MagSafe-compatible features, the technology simplifies and enhances everyday interactions with your iPhone.

Behind the Design

We improved assembly by integrating the 'airbag inner wall' into one piece with the 'airbag outer wall,' resolving molding issues. The design also shifted from curved to slightly curved straight edges, enhancing grip and aligning with the new iPhone aesthetic.

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