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Phone Stand For Desk

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Phone Stands That Give You the Edge


Cell phones are an essential part of our daily routines. We use them to correspond, make calls, play games, take photos and videos, browse the internet, and so much more. Our smartphones are never more than an inch away from us. Though cell phones are like mini-computers we can get a lot of use out of, holding them for hours can be exhausting.


That is where phone stands for desk help you out. Smartphone stands basically do all the heavy lifting for you so you can enjoy using your iPhone, Android phone for as long as you like. You can find many different kinds of cell phones in the market. From lightweight ring cell phone stands to smartphone stands with plug-in ports.

Lamicall cell phone stands are designed to make your life easier. We’ve incorporated fun design elements into our smartphone stands to make them all the more appealing. Our wide range of mobile phone stands covers everything from ring mobile phone stands to adjustable cell phone stands for desks. At Lamicall, you are sure to find a smartphone stand that meets your needs.


All you Need to Know About Phone Stands for Desk


Cell phone stands for desks come in all shapes and sizes. You can find tiny stands that are universal, portable, and can stick to your phone. There are also bigger stands that sit on your desks and may have personalized features like charging docks. No matter the design, the beneficial cell phone stand is the one that meets your needs.


Since there is a huge variety of phone grip and stands in the market, choosing the right one can get overwhelming. To make the buying process easier for you, we’ve put together a guide that will help you make an educated buying decision.


Why do you need Phone Stands?


In order to choose the right smartphone stand for your phone, you need to decide on a list of your requirements. Do you want a flexible phone stand to make it easier for you to take photos? Will a phone stand help you text with one hand while you’re out shopping? Are you looking for a stand that will hold your mobile phone when you’re not using it?


Deciding on a list of requirements will help you narrow down your search for the beneficial mobile phone holder. For example, if you want a phone holder that helps you text with one hand, is portable and lightweight, you are better off looking for finger ring cell phone holders. If you want a sleek and sophisticated phone holder for your office desk, you should be looking at mobile phone holders for desks.


Phone stands are not just great for holding your phones, they also help in keeping your phones safe. Phone ring stands prevent your phones from slipping through your hands. Desk mobile phone stands ensure there are no scratches and scrapes on the back of your phone. Simple cell phone desk stands are great for making sure you do not misplace your cell phones.


What Are Different Types of Phone Stands?


There are many different types of cell phone stands in the market. We have curated a list of some of the most common types of phone stands you will find. This list will help you get a better idea of which phone stand is the beneficial one for you.


Classic Phone Stand


Classic stands for phones are the most common types of cell phone stands found in the market. These phone stands vary in size and shape but all of them have the same function. They are great cell phone holders for your desk. You can basically put them on any flat surface and rest your phone on them.


Classic iPhone desk stands are usually not adjustable. They are good for safekeeping your phone while you’re not using it. You can also use these stands for hands-free viewing of photos or videos on your phone. In some cases, you can use them for recording videos and taking photos as well.


You can choose from a wide variety of colors and sizes. They require no set-up and are easy to use. Classic phone stands are a must have for your office and home.


Multifunctional Cell Phone Stand


This is a variety of cell phone stands that look and operate much like the classic mobile phone stands. But they wider compatibility so you can mount multiple devices on the same stand. These stands are great for mounting your Amazon, Apple, and Android tablets, E-readers, and cell phones.


Multifunctional cell phone stands are great for people who use a variety of devices and want a space-saving solution to hold/mount them. You can use these stands to keep your phones safe when you’re not using them. Or they can act as great mounts for when you want to video call on your iPhone, record a video, take a photo, or view your phone.


Adjustable Desk Phone Stand


Adjustable cell phone stands help you manage the angle at which you can view your phone. These stands are great for viewing videos, movies, tv series, photos, and more. You can change the angle of the stand to see the screen of your electronic device better.


Lazy neck phone stands are a must-have if you vlog or like taking pictures with your cell phone. These stands will help you take amazing photos and record videos at different angles without needing someone to hold the phone for you.


Smartphone Stand with Charging Dock


Are you looking for a cell phone stand that does more than just hold your phone? Then smartphone stands with charging docks may be the answer. These stands have different docks installed in them so you can use them to charge your phone and other devices.


Usually, these stands feature USB docks so you can plug in devices and charge them. However, these aren’t fast charging devices and they may affect the battery life of your phone and other devices. Also, these are more expensive than other cell phone holders and there is less variety in size and design.


Ring Cell Phone Holder


Cell phone ring stands are the most portable and lightweight smartphone holders in the market. They are small in size and can be installed on the back of your phone. You can easily pull open the ‘ring’ to help prop up your phone on a flat surface.


These phone holders are popular because they are very easy to apply and use. Plus they go wherever your phone goes and make for great gifts. They are also available in a number of fun colors (black, white, gold, rose gold, silver, and more) and designs so you can choose one that goes with your phone cover.


Ring cell phone holders are also great for single-hand cell phone use. You can use the ring the hold the cellphone using your index finger and type with your thumb easily.


Things to Look for in Phone Stands for Desks


No matter what type of phone stand you choose, there are some factors you need to consider before making a purchase decision. Here are some of those factors:


Product Quality


You can find a wide variety of cell phone holders and accessories in the market. But not all of them are the same. In fact, you need to be very careful in choosing a mobile phone holder that is made of good quality materials. This is important because sub-par smartphone holders can actually damage your phone.


Holders made of plastic and similar materials do not last long and are prone to breakage. Imagine holding your phone using a plastic ring holder and the ring gives away. That will not be pretty. Choose a mobile phone stand that is made of high-quality, sturdy materials to avoid such scenarios.




The size of the phone holder is another important consideration for choosing the beneficial cell phone holder. Check the dimensions of the mobile phone holder to see if your cell phone will fit. If you want to use the same holder for multiple cell phones, buy a holder that fits your largest phone.


When buying ring cell phone holders make sure to check that the holder isn’t too big or it won’t stick properly to your cell phone. Also, check the ring size to make sure it fits your finger. Too small and your finger won’t fit. Too large and you won’t be able to get a good grip.




Most phone holders are compatible with your phone if they are the right size to hold it. However, if you’re buying smartphone holders that have personalized features like charging docks, you have to check if your phone is compatible with them.


Also, some cell phone stands for desks have side-hinges that fit your phone snuggly. In that case, they will only fit phones that they are compatible with. Check to make sure that the mobile phone stand was made to fit your particular cell phone.


Ease of Use


Cell phone stands should not be complicated to set-up or use. Most mobile phone stands are pretty straight-forward to use and put together so you don’t have to worry about this too much. However, some stands that offer extra features or come unassembled may require you to put in a little effort to set-up.


Ring phone stands are easy to use but you do have to make sure they are properly pasted on the back of your phone so that the rings don’t come off. For cell phone stands for desks, check that they are placed on a flat surface and have an even base so they don’t wobble or flip over from the weight of your phone.




The design of your smartphone stand depends on your requirements and personal preference. Mobile phone stands for desks are available in a number of designs and colors. You can choose a stand that holds your phone in place or one that lets you adjust the angle.


Ring stands are available in many different designs and colors. You choose a base color that goes with the color of your phone. You can also choose between square and round base shapes.


Whatever design you choose, make sure that it doesn’t affect the way your phone needs to be held. For example, a desk stand that is too low or has a full back design may cause the charging cable of your phone to bend. A ring holder may affect wireless charging.


Lamicall Offers High-Quality Phone Stands for Desks


At Lamicall, we design cell phone holders that last you a lifetime. Our mobile phone stands are made from the highest quality materials and give you amazing functionality. You should choose Lamicall phone stands because:


Wide Variety


We offer a wide range of cell phone stands ranging from finger ring stands to adjustable phone holders. Our aim is to produce phone holders and accessories that suit every need. Whether you want a lightweight, portable stand or a flexible one that lets you display your phone in your office or kitchen, we have it all. You can also choose from a wide range of colors. We aim to make our products look sophisticated and smart. No matter what color you choose, we’ll add a smooth finish to make it look amazing.




Lamicall phone holders are made from premium metal allows making them extremely sturdy. Though our mobile phone stands are strong, they are still lightweight so you don’t have to worry about carrying extra weight. You can use our stands for ages without worrying about them breaking or cracking. Our commitment to making quality phone stands is mirrored in our lifetime warranty service.


Ergonomic Design


We’ve designed our phone holders with your convenience in mind. That makes all our cell phone stands easy to use. You don’t have to worry about straining your wrists or fingers when you’re holding our ring stands. Our table cell phone stands are designed to allow your cell phone breathing space. This means your charging cables won’t get twisted.


Safety and Stability


Lamicall cell phone stands for desks have a low center of gravity making them stable. They won’t wobble or topple over from the weight of your phone. They also have rubber pads at the bottom that ensure stability and prevent scratches on your desk. Our cell phone holders don’t have any sharp edges so you and your electronics are safe.




Our smartphone stands are compatible with a variety of cell phones. Lamicall universal phone stands can be used with iPhone Xs, Max, XR, X, 8, 7, 6, 6S, 5, 5S, 4S, SE Plus, Nintendo Switch, Huawei, Samsung Galaxy S8, S7, S6, Note 6, 5, and LG, Sony, and Nexus phones. You can use our universal stands in your home, office, and even on the go in trains, cars, and airplanes.

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