The Beneficial Place To Put Phone Holder In Your Car

The Beneficial Place To Put Phone Holder In Your Car

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A phone car holder is only useful if it’s placed properly in the interior of your car. If it shakes or wobbles, the stability and protection of your smartphone won’t be secured. What you want is a phone holder that fits well to the ideal placement or setup that you have.
Fortunately, this is a two-way process. You can also check first the interior of your car and see which parts you can install the beneficial car mount for cell phones. In this way, you don’t have to waste time in identifying what platform works for you and your phone.
But where should you put your phone inside your car? In this guide, we will help you figure out which part of your car you should mount a smartphone holder on. Read on now!
But where should you put your phone inside your car? In this guide, we will help you figure out which part of your car you should mount a smartphone holder on. Read on now!

A Quick Rundown of the Beneficial Place to Put Phone in the Car

Here’s a summary of the most ergonomic placements of phone holders inside your car. As you can see, you have a lot of options when it comes to this matter, and we will be glad to guide you through these installation platforms:
  • Driver window
  • Center dash / rear view mirror
  • Vents
  • Cupholder
We will also help you find the beneficial phone holders that you can use in each of these mounting locations. After all, some of the phone holders out there aren’t as good as the rest. Of course, our selections should also narrow your options, effectively saving you a lot of time.

List of the Beneficial Places to Put Phone Holder in the Car

Let’s discuss a little bit of these mounting options, and see which one would suit your preferences. But before we start, we have to ask you the following questions first:
  • Do you have a large phone or a small smartphone?
  • Do you want to mount your phone all the time while you are inside your car?
Your answers to these questions will also help you identify the right place to put your phones in your car.
Driver Window
Many of us preferred putting our smartphones in the driver-side window. It is efficient and functional. With this setup, you will be able to track the activities on your smartphone. Furthermore, this is the most optimal positioning if you want to use your smartphone for navigational purposes.
Of course, there are some downsides to this setup. First, this placement can block the vents of your car, especially if it is too big. Second, the size of your smartphone might prevent you from having it in a landscape orientation. While the latter is not much of an issue, there are instances where you would want your phone to be in horizontal mode.
Another issue that might arise when it comes to this setup is charging. If you have a wired charger, the cables would certainly get entangled with the steering wheel. It is a tight spot, after all. You would need to use smaller phone holders if you want to use a phone holder for windshields.
Here are some of the recommended smartphone holders for driver-side windows:
1. APPS2Car Store Suction Cup Phone Holder for Windshield
Should you decide to get a windshield phone holder, this item from APPS2Car should be your top choice. This one features extensive compatibility, as it can cater to both Apple and Samsung smartphones with ease. It also has rubber-coated grips so that your phone remains stable and protected throughout every trip that you have. And even if your phone is covered in a case, this phone holder will still clamp it tightly. That’s a quality that some car phone holders don’t have.
The grip of this phone holder over windows, dashboards, and windshields is pretty impressive, too. It has an industrial-grade suction cup that ensures a tight attachment wherever you want to place it. Aside from that, it has a sticky gel, too, to ensure that you can mount it securely on your windows. It can stay mounted there regardless of the temperature. However, we have to remind you that prolonged exposure to extreme heat can dissipate the sticky gel. If you are planning to install it in your dashboard, its 3M sticky pad will give it a nice hold.
2. OQTIQ 3-in-1 Suction Cup Phone Holder
This item is another phone holder that you can install in your driver’s window. It has several ergonomic features to boast of. One of them is its quick one-button release, which enables its clamp arms to conveniently open and release your phones. You don’t need to struggle just to get your phone out of its cradle.
Like the first phone holder listed here, this one has an enhanced sticky suction cup, allowing it to hold your devices steadily while driving. Meanwhile, its reusable gel pads will enable you to mount this phone holder to adhere to curved or flat surfaces.
The flexibility of this phone holder is pretty impressive, as well. Thanks to its 360-degree rotating ball joint, you can adjust its viewing angle. Hence, it has the adjustability that enables you to change the orientation of the space in your driver’s window to be too stiff. You can extend its length from 4.2 inches to 5.8 inches with its telescopic arm. You can use it to draw your smartphone closer to you.
3. IPOW Upgraded Truck Phone Mount Holder
This unit is an upgrade of the original IPOW phone mount holder. This unit’s noticeable change is its stronger and thicker arm, which enables this phone holder to hold heavier and bulkier phones. Aside from the arms, its cradle clamps have been strengthened as well. Because of this, you can guarantee that your mobile devices won’t fall from the holder, especially if you are passing bulky roads. Interestingly, the X-shaped clamp can easily fit various phone models, including their cases.
Meanwhile, the base of this phone holder is pretty rigid and stable. You can guarantee that its suction is durable and can last long, even if it is exposed to constant sunlight. With its 3M adhesive for its sponged base, you can also install it on your car dashboard. Of course, it also features a 360-degree rotation so that you will be able to adjust it based on your ideal viewing angle and orientation.

Center Dash / Rear View Mirror

Many see the central dash or rearview mirror of their cars as the perfect location where they can install their phone holders. Of course, there’s a good reason for this. When you mount the phone holder in either the rearview mirror or central dash, the accessory doesn’t hinder the console. Hence, you would still be able to access the controls in the panel.
At the same time, phone holders designed for the consoles don’t require excessive installation. Because of this, it’s pretty convenient to choose them over other types of car phone holders.
The dash mount, specifically, is great for a central setup, considering that it doesn’t protrude too much. Hence, you would be able to reach your phones a lot easier. But of course, we really recommend that you get a phone holder with extendable or long arms for this setup. In this way, you will have no trouble accessing your device.
However, central dash installations would make your phone susceptible to overheating.
There are those who don’t like this setup, as well. And that’s pretty understandable. After all, the phone holder would hinder a clear view of the windshield. In turn, that would distract the drivers. But then again, prudence is the key to making this particular accessory work.
Here are some of the recommended smartphone holders for center dash / rearview mirror:
1. Surfsexy Rearview Mirror Phone Holder
The Surfsexy Rearview Mirror Phone Holder is a decent platform to cradle your smartphones securely. It is a multi-functional car holder that features full 360-degree rotation so that you can adjust the angle of your device based on your position and preferences. It also allows vertical and horizontal screen switching so that you can utilize the phone for various applications (i.e., navigation and entertainment). Furthermore, you shouldn’t worry about its stability, thanks to its stable hold over your rearview mirror.
Its mounting clip has an adjustable width–from 5mm to 25mm. It has a convenient adjustment knob that you can turn, configure the width of the clip and fit on your setup. Meanwhile, its mounting cradle is adjustable, as well. Specifically, this accessory can easily fit smartphones 4- to 6.9-inch wide. Aside from the rearview mirror, this car phone holder can also be installed on your car seat. It gives your passengers an opportunity to have a hassle-free means of entertainment during the trip.
2. VANMASS Car Phone Holder
The VANMASS Car Phone Holder is an excellent center dash phone mount. It has an original military-grade design. Specifically, it is constructed from Teflon, which features extreme durability and resistance to corrosion and temperature. In fact, the design of this phone holder has received patents from EUIPO. It also boasts safety and quality certifications from ROHS and CP65. When it comes to its overall build, only a few car phone mounts can contend against VANMASS.
Furthermore, this accessory has versatile installation methods. Aside from the dashboard, you can also attach it to your windshield and air vents. After all, it comes with a suction cup with a rotating lock for a firm grip over surfaces. It can also fit in various vehicles, such as SUVs and trucks. By the way, this car phone holder is rated to have a loading capacity of 60 pounds, which is downright impressive.
3. Lamicall Dashboard Car Phone Holder Mount LN03

Of course, one of the beneficial center dash car phone mounts that you can get today is the Car Phone Holder Mount LN03 of Lamicall. This item has a fully adjustable architecture, which is proven by its versatile 2-in-1 suction cup. You can either install it in either the dashboard or windshield of your car.
It also features a magnetic locking design so that you can securely place and easily remove your smartphone. Moreover, it allows one-hand access over your devices so that one of your hands is still on the steering wheel. This Lamicall phone holder includes an extendable arm and a swiveling ball. These features will enable you to change the orientation and placement of your phone. In turn, this would enable you to use your device efficiently and safely.


Vents are the ideal placement for individuals who don’t want their smartphones to be mounted all the time. Essentially, this mounting location is for accessibility and nothing else. For instance, if you are going to use the phone for navigational purposes, then a vent car phone holder is the beneficial choice for you.
Because of its proximity to the driver or front-seat passenger, vent phone car holders are considered the most popular among its contemporaries. They allow you to take off the device to use it whenever it is safe and convenient to you.

Now, there are different mounting styles when it comes to vent car phone holders. The most popular one is the clip or clamp. This type of vent phone holder would require attaching its clamps to the blades of the vent. This allows for a secure hold.
Of course, we also have the magnetic-type of vent car phone holders. They use two magnets; one is attached to the vent, and the other is to your phone. Depending on the quality of the magnet, this one can provide a secure hold.
The only issue with this mounting location is that it actually blocks the vent. If your phone is big, then you might not get enough air circulation inside your car.
Here are some of the recommended smartphone holders for vents:

1. Mircase Air Vent Phone Holder

The Mircase Air Vent Phone Holder is a highly stable car phone holder. It has an impressive locking design that ensures that it can latch to your vents as tightly as possible. Its clip hook can grip the air vent blades firmly so that it doesn’t wobble while you are on the move. It is also accompanied by a spring clip plate and tightening nut so that the mount won’t move at all.
Furthermore, this phone holder has a cradle that accommodates different types of phones. It can also hold thick phones or devices with phone cases. With its quick-release button and fully adjustable clamp arms, inserting and removing your phone are convenient tasks. Overall, it can provide you with a safe and convenient means of using your phone while you are driving. Meanwhile, its 360-degree rotating head will provide you with the best and safest viewing experience over your smartphone.

2. AINOPE Car Phone Holder Mount

The AINOPE Car Phone Holder Mount is one of the beneficial car phone mounts for vents today. It excels in usability and convenience. You simply need to slide your device on its cradle, and its clamps would automatically tighten to hold your phone.
It doesn’t have any buttons to press anymore, making it more intuitive than those car phone holders that feature quick-release buttons. Furthermore, it has a newly designed air vent hook. Specifically, the hook has three grasp points so that it can hold the air vents as tightly as possible.
One of the interesting aspects about the AINOPE Car Phone Holder Mount is that it doesn’t block the air vents at all. It has an intuitive design in which its hook and body don’t prevent the proper air circulation inside your car. It is very different from conventional phone holders, who are prone to blocking the entirety of the vents when they are mounted.

3. Lamicall Air Vent Phone Holder with Adjustable Clip CV07

Of course, we have to highlight the finest vent car phone holders produced by Lamicall. The CV07 has a foolproof construction, allowing you to set it on vents as conveniently as possible. It comes with a flexible clip hook so that it can clasp the blades of the vents, preventing unnecessary wobbles and movements while you are steering your vehicle in rough and bumpy paths. It also features a 360-degree rotatable ball joint design so that it can provide its users with the beneficial viewing angle.
This unit offers a one-hand operation, thanks to the presence of its magnetic mechanism. You can place your smartphones in the cradle even if your one hand is on the steering wheel. When it comes to compatibility, this phone holder isn’t selective. After all, it fits all types of phones, even if they are covered in phone cases.

Cup Holder

This one isn’t a common option when it comes to a car phone holder placement. After all, it appears that this part of your car’s interior is not made to support smartphone accessories. However, recent developments in the industry paved the way for car phone holders that are specifically designed for cup holders.
Now, this one is an interesting choice, especially if your car’s interior is spacious. Having your phone beside you is quite convenient. It lets you access it as quickly as possible.
Car phone holders placed on cup holders usually offer a certain degree of height adjustment on them. You can either lower or raise them, depending on your needs. Some have flexible arms, though, which enable you to tilt them in particular angles.
But at the same time, there are drawbacks when it comes to this placement. Depending on where your cup holder is placed, the mount can block the gear shifter, which is an issue if you have a manual transmission vehicle. However, if you have a big truck or SUV, you might not encounter this problem at all.
Here are some of the recommended smartphone holders for cup holders:
1. TOPGO Cup Holder
The TOPGO Cup Holder is an ergonomic mounting system for your smartphones. One of its beneficial features is its adjustable base. Regardless of how small or big the diameter of your cup holder is, this phone holder can fit tightly. It is one of the perks that compel many car owners to go with this accessory. Furthermore, it also has an adjustable gooseneck that is downright flexible. You can change its height up to 8 inches, allowing you to reach your phone without having to bend the offer.
This universal phone holder can hold different types of phone models, as well. The clamps on its cradle can secure your devices tightly. But at the same time, these clamps have protective pads on them. In this way, you can guarantee that your smartphone won’t receive scratches. You are also free to tilt the cradle to change the viewing angle of your device.
2. LISEN Cup Holder Phone Mount
The LISEN Cup Holder Phone Mount is also a decent option for a stable mounting system for your smartphones. This one isn’t susceptible to shaking or wobbling while you are driving, given that its entire structure is durable. Specifically, it is made from a high-grade PEFT material, which is extremely sturdy. Aside from making the phone holder stable, it also enables it to acquire a high loading capacity.
Compared to the previous phone holder, this item has a longer arm/neck. It stretches from 10.4 inches to 12.5 inches, making it a suitable fit for vehicles with spacious and large interiors. Furthermore, the rod requires no tools when you want to adjust it, which is pretty impressive. Meanwhile, the cradle supports a 360-degree rotation so that you can get the ideal viewing perspective, effectively removing strain and fatigue on your part.


Here, you can see that there are different ways where you can mount a phone holder inside your car. Factors like usability, ergonomics, and convenience are among the things that should influence your decision about which of these placement options you would want to pick. At the end of the day, you would want your phone to remain stable and protected throughout your trip.

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