The Beneficial Ways to Carry Your Phone While Mountain Cycling

The Beneficial Ways to Carry Your Phone While Mountain Cycling

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Carrying a smartphone is a must-have for most mountain bikers to stay connected, get directions, track the rides, take photos, and listen to music. The question is, mountain biking can be an exciting and thrilling adventure, but it can also be quite challenging. On rough and unpredictable terrain, we might fall from a fast-moving bike and unexpectedly drop or break our fragile phones. Therefore, it's significant to ensure your smartphone is stowed away securely to avoid potential dangers while you're out on the trails, which means the difference between a worthy wild adventure and an expensive repair bill.


There are plenty of options. But which is beneficial for the riding type you do? Is it beneficial to carry your phone on your body or your bike itself? Are your phones safe in the rain or if you fall while riding? Will you be able to use the screen easily while cycling? Will you be able to use it comfortably? So we'll explore options for carrying your phone while cycling to keep your hands free and your device safe and easily accessible in the blog.


  1. In Your Backpack or Hydration Pack


Carrying a traditional backpack or hydration pack is a popular option for mountain biking to protect your phone against falls. Not only can you stow other items, like water and spared layers, but the weight of your phone will be distributed throughout the bag and won't be felt as much. As long as you remember to zip up the rack, the chances of losing your phone are slim. However, it's not always practical or possible to carry a large backpack, or you may need quick access to your phone.


  1. In Your Bike Tube Bag


If you're looking for a lightweight solution for phone storage without having to lug around a cumbersome backpack, bike tube bags are a perfect choice. They use all the free corners of space on your bike for storage, attaches directly to the bike frame, stay in place even over the most challenging terrain, and provide an outstanding balance between aerodynamics, stability, and ease of access. Your phone fits into the plastic sleeve on top, cushioning it from any bumps or impacts and allowing you to use the screen, while the other pockets offer storage space for small essentials. You can feel free to enjoy your mountain cycling experience, knowing your phone is secure and you have a hands-free transportation option.


  1. In Your Pocket


When you style as a minimalist rider or opt for a short ride, a bike tube bag is not as lightweight and compact as it can be. The simplest and most effective way to carry your phone while you ride might be wearing a traditional cycling jersey or sports shorts designed with some pockets. It provides quick access to your phone and allows for easy changing of the phone's location. All you need to do is slip your phone in and out, which is great for quickly checking for messages, taking photos, or accessing your music on the go. However, sometimes, it can slip out, especially if you crash during your ride.


  1. Mounted on Your Bike Handlebar


Storing your phone in the backpack, bike tube bag, or pocket is convenient, but when it comes to mapping and navigating on your phone screen in real-time and answering your calls right away while pedaling your way without a stop, a bike phone handlebar mount, which puts that functionality front and center of your bike, would be a more workable solution. Some bike phone holders feature stretchable clamp arms and allow easy one-hand attachment and detachment, while some adopt a robust, patented magnetic locking system that facilitates one-hand operation and promises unrivaled stability in any conditions of mountain road terrain or cycling styles. More than that, industry-leading magnetic-style phone holders, including the All Lock, can successfully resist snapping or falling off, even when you crash and get off the bike. Riders can enjoy an unencumbered view of the entire phone screen, a simple switch between horizontal and vertical directions, and easy access to all touch commands.


  1. Mounted on Your Armband


When you’re not only a cycling enthusiast but a running goer, the armband mount is a stable and secure alternative to the phone holders for bike handlebars. Fitting comfortably on your arm and keeping your phone securely in place during intense mountain biking, the armband phone mounts, especially the magnetic design, gain much popularity these years. For the All Lock armband phone mount, its dual locking system - strong magnetic force and safety lock - has testified itself as one of the most secure ways to carry your smartphone. When hitting your bike wheels through challenging, technical terrain, the armband mount provides great peace of mind, always knowing your phone won’t fall off. Moreover, it’s easy to detach with just one hand to answer your calls and keep you updated with the directions.


  1. Mounted on Your Backpack Strap


When you pack a backpack for your adventure cycling but don’t want to stow your phone away inside, a backpack strap phone holder fulfills your purpose and helps you out. This type of phone holder is also perfect for those who want to take first-angle-view videos. Simply fastened to your backpack strap, the phone mount, designed with an anti-slip design, won’t slide off in fast-moving cycling. To take the accessibility up a notch, some backpack strap phone mounts, such as the All Lock, have obtained upgrades. A magnetic design allows quick snapping on and off with just one hand. To prevent the phone from dropping from the magnetic head, some backpack strap phone mounts are equipped with a safety lock to double the stability for focusing you more on the road and thrills of cycling instead of the phone safety.




All in all, there is not just one way to carry your phone safely for mountain cycling, and more options are available to be explored to meet your exact needs. And you should ensure that it is comfortable, secure, and easily accessible, allowing you to use your phone hands-free and enjoy thrilling cycling.

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